Saturday, 4 April 2015

Straight Outta Hellas

Lookin' mighty fine, soundin' even better. Gatekeeper/Eternal Champion split CDs have just arrived in our greasy mitts from No Remorse Records. We will make them available for order at some point in the weekend. Until then, sample three new studio tracks on our bandcamp page:

Also check out Eternal Champion while you're at it:

More info on vinyl and the upcoming 7" split with Funeral Circle to come shortly.

Friday, 19 December 2014

December Update

It's been a while.

For those who haven't heard yet, I have moved to Vancouver from Edmonton. In the wake of this move, we dropped the ball with regards to shipping several orders from the past couple months in good time. All orders have hopefully arrived by now, and we're back on track with current shipments. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, and a huge thanks for your patience.

We're pleased to announce that Arthur Rizk has completed the mixing and mastering of four new Gatekeeper songs. For those unfamiliar, Arthur was behind the board with the latest releases by Inquisition and Power Trip. He also drums for our brothers in Eternal Champion and plays guitar is the incredible Sumerlands, who put out the best demo of 2014. We're pleased and honoured to have him on board.

Details are still being ironed out, but we hope to have our split with Eternal Champion released by No Remorse Records (Greece) for March 2015. Our other split with Funeral Circle is also ready to go as soon as a label gets back to us about a release. With any luck, you should be able to listen to both releases in spring of the new year.

Despite the move, I'm hard at work writing and arranging new riffs and melodies to be used in new Gatekeeper material. We've put out an EP, a live album and we'll have two new split EPs available. I think it's high time for a full length record, but we shall see how things progress. Whatever happens, it shall be pure Epic Heavy Metal, with no bullshit and no gimmicks, without a single  infinitesimal jot of remorse for the dead, broken and buried we shall leave behind us.

Until then, enjoy this little toe-tapper from our final gig in Calgary this August past.

- Jeff Black

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

No Regrets, No Remorse

We are pleased and proud to announce that our upcoming split EP with ETERNAL CHAMPION will be released by NO REMORSE RECORDS, based out of Greece. No Remorse has done a fantastic job with recent reissues of bands such as Omen, Millenium and way more where that came from, and we are confident that they will handle our own material brilliantly. There are many more details to announce about the release, but you'll just have to sit tight and wait.

Until then, here's the artwork for said split EP by the legendary Lionel Baker II:

See you clowns in Edmonton and Calgary for our last gigs on the 22nd and 23rd of August respectfully.

- Jeff